Caskets, Urns, Headstones, Vaults, Cemetery Property and Flowers

All of our caskets range from $699 and up. Massey’s Casket Showroom offers a wide selection of caskets to choose from, such as 20ga End Lock, Non Seal, 18ga End Lock, Stainless Steel and various types of wood caskets such as poplar, oak, maple, walnut, cherry and mahogany.

Our caskets are of very high quality but without the high cost to you.
The most important thing to remember in choosing a casket for your loved one is, “Dignity is knowing what your options are”.



Urns And Keepsakes

Selections include: Cloisonne', Lladro', Elegant Marble and Wood, Stainless Steel and much more!


Funeral Homes

We work with several Funeral Homes in the Los Angeles area who will work with our families on saving money on funeral goods and mortuary costs. If you haven't decided yet on a Mortuary, please call us today and set up an appointment.



Massey's Casket Showroom can offer many designs on all headstones such as Plaques, Single and Companion markers, Granite or Bronze at a great savings to you! Price includes, full names, dates, design, layout, border, emblems and 20 words per each person. We can also do custom designs that you create, capturing the life of your loved one.


Cementery Property

We can list your cemetery property to sell for you or you can buy a plot from us at a savings to you. We have many locations in several local cemeteries.